Our Coalition

re:TH!NK, Winnebago’s Healthy Living Partnership

re:TH!NK is a coalition of community partners working to improve the health of Winnebago County residents. We focus our efforts on improving policies and systems so our community culture makes it easy to be healthy. re:TH!NK engages community residents to enhance their quality of life in the places and spaces that matter most to them. re:TH!NK’s work is supported by a coalition coordinator, team staff, and AmeriCorps members from the Winnebago County Health Department.

Mission: re:TH!NK effectively engages the community in creating a healthier environment
and opportunities to improve quality of life in Winnebago County.

There’s room for everyone “at the table.” Whether you want to take action in your neighborhood, your workplace has similar goals, or you just want to be in the know, we’ve got you covered. If you’d like to get involved, let us know!

  • re:TH!NK Partners- Agencies, groups, businesses or organizations that are connected to or involved with the coalition’s initiatives. A Partner may have one or more Members involved in coalition activities.
  • re:TH!NK Members- People who regularly attend team meetings and/or actively participate in the progress of re:TH!NK’s goals OR just want to stay up-to-date with the coalition’s work via the eUpdate.

Teams of Community Members Make it Happen

Teams’ Priorities:

  • Active Communities: Increase the number of Winnebago County residents using active transportation (biking/walking/public transit) to access low/ no cost local recreational facilities (trail, park, pool, etc.).
  • Alcohol Action: To reduce the underage and binge drinking rates in Winnebago County; to make Winnebago County a safer place.
  • Healthy Food & Beverage: Increase fruit and vegetable consumption and decrease sugar consumption by increasing accessibility to and education of healthy foods in early childcare centers for both students and center employees.
  • Social & Place Connectedness: Identify geography in Winnebago County to engage residents and focus efforts.

How re:TH!NK teams do their work:

  1. Identify and advocate for policy changes that help create an environment that supports health, activity and safety.
  2. Utilize local data, measurable outcomes and evaluation practices to guide strategies and activities.
  3. Support and advocate for prevention program sustainability locally, and statewide.
  4. Support coalition building and increased local capacity through leadership development.
  5. Develop strategic action plans to guide the work that is done.

Community Leaders Coordinate for Impact

re:TH!NK is led by a group of well-known and well-connected community members through our Leadership Council. The Leadership Council works to improve the coalition’s cohesion, visibility and effectiveness in the community. We are grateful for their dedication to the success of our coalition.


Meet our Leadership Council:

Adam Bellcoreli, Change Management Communications Center
Amy Putzer, Oshkosh Area Community Foundation
Dan Hinton, Winnebago County Human Services
Doug Gieryn, Winnebago County Health Department
Mandi Dornfeld, Winnebago County UW-Extension
Melissa Kraemer Badtke, East Central WI Regional Planning Commission
Pete Ehlert, Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office
Vicky Redlin, Winnebago County Parks Department
Emily Dieringer (coalition coordinator), Winnebago County Health Department

Partner Coalitions Expand Our Impact

We don’t do our work in isolation. As a community coalition, we are committed to supporting and strengthening other collaborative practices among communities, local organizations and groups, non-profit agencies, and government that align with our mission and vision.