If you only have five minutes but still want to know everything about what re:TH!NK is working on, check out our eUpdate, an electronic newsletter published quarterly. Please feel free to pass it along to anyone else that might be interested!

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re:TH!NK has lots going on and much of what we discuss and do is captured in our meeting minutes. If you missed a meeting or want to get more info on how to get involved browse through the minutes of our committees and workgroups.


Did you know re:TH!NK has its own YouTube™ Channel? Did you know we also have our own TV show? You can watch all of our videos on our website. Grab some popcorn (its a whole grain) and enjoy! Just don't forget to take a screen break and get some physical activity.


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re:TH!NK is a community coalition supported by the Winnebago County Health Department.
would not exist without our local partner agencies, organizations and community members.