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re:TH!NK is a coalition of community partners that work to improve the health of Winnebago County residents. We focus on creating an environment that enables healthy lifestyle choices and deters substance abuse. re:TH!NK helps to empower community residents to enhance their quality of life where they live, work, learn, pray and play. 


re:TH!NK is supported by the Winnebago County Health Department. Check out the WCHD website to see how re:TH!NK is connected to public health. 

Learn how re:TH!NK functions and the processes used for decision making by reading our guidance documents or if you'd rather have just an overview of re:TH!NK, download our coalition brochure. Both are available on our structure page.

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re:TH!NK is a community coalition supported by the Winnebago County Health Department.
would not exist without our local partner agencies, organizations and community members.