Safe Routes to Parks (SRTP) is a campaign to implement environmental, policy, and program strategies that create safe and equitable access to parks for all people. Walking or bicycling to a community park provides double the opportunity for physical activity – on the way to the park and within it!  One way residents can help their community work towards achieving safer routes to parks is by conducting a walk audit.

In a walk audit, community members go for a walk (or bike ride) together, noting what makes their streets feel safe and comfortable for walking and biking and what needs improvement. Audits can be informal and casual, or can include city council members, traffic engineers, and detailed forms. More on SRTP Walk Audits from Safe Route Partnership.

re:TH!NK’s Active Communities team tested and adapted several SRTP audit tools to create one that is easy to use and takes into local context. Click the link below to start working on your own walk audit that will help you improve safe access to parks for people walking and biking.

Master SRTP Audit Tool- FINAL