Shout out to long-time coalition member Sarah Wright! She is the Program Manager for Weight of the Fox Valley (WOTFV) and has been an advocate for healthy eating and improved food systems in Winnebago County since joining re:TH!NK as a resident in 2011. Her passion for community health led the Winnebago County Health Department to hire Sarah on as staff in 2012 to lead re:TH!NK’s Farm 2 School efforts. She’s also had a leading role in healthy kids meals, Farm 2 Early Care and Education, and overcoming barriers to expanding local food markets. She has represented re:TH!NK and Winnebago County on numerous regional and statewide groups and committees including WI Farm 2 School Leadership Team, WI Healthy Food Systems Alliance, WI Local Food Network, and healthTIDE’s Healthy Food Retail Team. Sarah has been with WOTFV since 2017 and remains an active member of re:TH!NK’s Healthy Food & Beverages and Active Communities teams. Thank you Sarah for your dedication and passion!