Safe Routes to Parks (SRTP) is the National Recreation and Parks Association’s campaign to implement environmental, policy, and program strategies that create safe and equitable access to parks for all people. These strategies align with the goals of the 10-Minute Walk campaign and are great tools and resources to increase access and safe walking connections to parks. re:TH!NK’s Active Communities team adopted the SRTP framework as a way to increase the number of Winnebago County residents using active transportation (biking/walking/public transit) to access low/ no cost local recreational facilities.

After the team surveyed residents to determine which parks were of high priority to access by walking and bicycling, the team began testing out SRTP audit tools. For the past two years, SRTP pilot audits have been conducted to determine what audit tool components will best suit the needs of Winnebago County residents. The team wanted to find a tool that would be the easiest for interested residents to use while still would capture important data needed to compile recommendations that would be shared with municipal staff and elected officials.

Team members enlisted the help of UW Oshkosh student and residents of the Stevens Park Neighborhood Association to test different SRTP audit tools and six SRTP audits have been conducted through June 2019. The audits look at park access, i.e. the biking and walking built infrastructure of the areas surrounding parks, not necessarily at the park amenities themselves.

The team compiled SRTP summary reports for each neighborhood around prioritized parks. The two audits conducted in summer 2019 were compiled by Area Health Education Center intern and Oshkosh resident Kiley Klauer as part of her internship with the Winnebago County Health Department. (Thank you Kiley!)

These pilot audits helped the team create a customized SRTP audit tool that can be used by resident groups and stakeholders.

Click the links below to review recommendations for improved active transportation access to parks in Winnebago County: