Big kudos to Alana Erickson for taking the lead on coordinating several community book reads throughout Winnebago County! So far, there has been a community book read in Neenah with 8 participants, Winneconne with 7 participants, and Oshkosh with 6 participants. re:TH!NK is still interested in hosting a discussion in Menasha and Omro. (If you want to partner email: re:TH!NK has received 30 donated books and has had 38 requests to borrow the book!  Through the 3 events hosted so far, there has been 22 attendees at the book discussions. re:TH!NK has five major partners involved in the book reads and is currently looking for more!
Through the events so far, 14 of the event attendees stated that they met at least one new person at the event, so we’re actively building social connections! If you missed it, the featured book was Palaces for the People by Eric Klinenberg. The book introduces the notion that shared spaces can improve our health and happiness, and are vital to communities. The goal of the community book reads is to raise awareness about the concepts and work of the re:TH!NK Social Connectedness Team right here in Winnebago County. Thank you Alana for your work with the Team and taking time to organize the book reads!
Learn more about the book reads here!