University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Head Start program is a new addition to re:TH!NK’s Healthy Food and Beverages team and has quickly become an invaluable contributor and partner in extending Farm to Early Care efforts to Winnebago County families, especially those of vulnerable populations. Staff at Head Start are passionate about bringing healthy foods and teaching healthy habits to not only the children that they serve, but also bringing this to whole families. Head Start programs in Oshkosh have partnered with re:TH!NK and University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh to provide a community health experience for college students to teach nutrition lessons to their classes as a way to teach and inspire through hands-on experience for both college students and preschool students!

Head Start brings insight into the team to ensure that any Farm to Early Care strategy meets established standards, includes multi-culturally appropriate material, and is mindful of family needs. Val, Director of Health Services of Head Start, has participated in community meetings regarding healthy foods and beverages in Winnebago County and continuously provides an invaluable perspective from the community about the community. We thank Head Start for joining our efforts to bring Farm to Early Care into vulnerable populations and for being a strong partner in building a healthier nutrition environment in our community!