Tanya Rabec is a Regional Community Organizer for NeighborCARE, a program of Goodwill NCW, promoting inclusion, aging in place, and social connectedness at a neighborhood level. Tanya has worked in various capacities of neighborhood and community building including organizing the first neighborhood advocacy group in Appleton, WI., The Neighborhood Voice. As organizer, Tanya focused on well-informed neighbors, inclusion, and creating partnerships as key to neighborhood empowerment and improvement. Tanya believes individuals and communities are elevated when people socially connect around strengths versus services or needs.

NeighborCARE is a newer initiative of Goodwill NCW, focusing on reducing social isolation and creating aging in place opportunities at a neighborhood level. The program encourages neighbors to build an inclusive and mutually beneficial environment where many community members’ less complex needs can be met; such as socialization and belonging, watching out for each other, and feeling valued. NeighborCare works with neighbors to identify common goals, interests, and passions to connect around rather than issues or needs base. By interacting on positives such as hobbies, interests, and passions, a deeper, more meaningful relationship will grow and neighbors will increase their willingness to support and lean upon each other.