CHEERS! is a free workshop facilitated by local police officers to increase the safe sale and service of alcohol. re:TH!NK began the CHEERS! training program in 2011 covering the topics of:

  • Spotting fake ID’s
  • Protocol for reporting fake ID’s
  • Your establishment’s liabilities, responsibilities, and policies
  • Understanding alcohol compliance checks
  • Review of local statues and WI’s state laws
  • Your rights regarding sales and service to intoxicated individuals

Various classes were held in Winnebago County between 2011-2016, focusing mostly on the Oshkosh and Neenah areas prioritizing taverns and restaurants. In 2017, our coalition wanted to expand our local CHEERS! Responsible Beverage Service Training to other parts of Winnebago County to ensure that anyone serving or selling alcohol can obtain additional training on how to best do their jobs. This included expanding the CHEERS! Training to festivals and events.

In early 2018, our coalition coordinated a “train the trainers” event, so police officers from other municipalities in Winnebago County could learn how to conduct a CHEERS! Training. We had four police departments attend the training put on by the Oshkosh Police Department on how to best conduct a CHEERS! Training in their municipality.

In spring 2018, we had a CHEERS! Training in Oshkosh and had over 10 people attend representing 4 establishments that had never been through a CHEERS! Training before. We also held our first CHEERS! Training in Menasha in April and over 40 people representing over 10 establishments attended.

We are very excited about the expansion of the CHEERS! Program to other parts of Winnebago County. If you are interested in bringing a CHEERS! Training to your municipality in Winnebago County, contact us at and we will work with the police departments to bring one to you!