re:TH!NK What Healthy Looks Like

re:TH!NK, Winnebago’s Healthy Living Partnership, is a community healthy living coalition working to create a place where everyone has the opportunity to live the healthiest life possible. Over 500 people and 60 organizations are engaged with re:TH!NK. We encourage you to get involved, because together we can transform our community into a place where healthy choices are easier, accessible and part of everyday life. re:TH!NK is supported by the Winnebago County Health Department.


Annual Legislative Breakfast

re:TH!NK held its annual Legislative Breakfast on Friday, May 3rd. Over 20 elected officials representing school districts, city councils, village boards, law enforcement and state legislators attended the "building relationships for better health" discussing the...

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Pop-Up Crosswalk

A temporary crosswalk has "popped up" at the corner of 5th Avenue and Knapp Street in Oshkosh. A pop-up is a resident-led approach to neighborhood building using short-term, low-cost and scale-able interventions to catalyze long-term change. Residents of Sacred Heart...

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Member Spotlight: April 2019

Jackie and Michele are rockstar leaders in the Sacred Heart Neighborhood area of Oshkosh! We first got to know Jackie when she began working with the re:TH!NK Social Connectedness Team to strengthen and build neighborly relationships in their area. As they worked with...

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UWO’s Quest III “Politics of Food” Partnership

re:TH!NK once again partnered with UWO's Quest III "Politics of Food" to support the Healthy Food & Beverages Team’s Farm-to-Preschool initiative. Students prepared lesson plans to "Plant a Seed" and the "Two-Bite Club" which encourages increased consumption of...

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Winnebago County Biking and Walking Map

If you're looking for the best routes for walking and bicycling in Winnebago County, there is a new resource for you! The Winnebago County Trails map, put together by the Winnebago County Bike/Ped Stakeholder Team, shows paved and unpaved routes, trails and facilities...

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Fourth Annual BikeOsh Event Set for May 11th

BikeOsh is a free bike-themed event to promote using bike lanes, sharrows, trails and other bicycling amenities, local businesses and healthy living. This scavenger-hunt, Amazing Race-style event gives you a chance to try out using your bike for transportation and...

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