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Mental Health Share Shop (MHSS)    

 The re:TH!NK Healthy Lifestyles Committee in collaboration with the N.E.W. (Northeast Wisconsin) Mental Health Connection share the common vision of removing the stigma of mental health and improving access to care.  In 2011, the Fox Cities Mental Health Summit identified "long wait times, and complicated delivery systems " as signifcant barriers to those seeking help.  The Mental Health Share Shop (MHSS) was created as a regional effort to address the mental health needs of Winnebago County. The MHSS meets quarterly to bring together local health providers, referral agencies, students, and the general public to identify gaps in mental health services.  These collaborative efforts include;

  • NO WRONG DOOR - " People seeking mental health services & treatment will find the right service, at the right time, in the right place"

  • RAIL ( Referral, Access, and Information) Database System

  • Strenthening 24/7 crisis response- "211 poster distribution" ( to request one for your local agency, or community establishment , please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., supplies are limited!)

  • Support school-based mental health efforts

  • Educate/equip primary care providers to feel more confident diagnosing and treating mental health conditions 

The Mental Health Share Shop welcomes you to join us. For more information, please click on the re:TH!NK "calendar tab" located at the top of the page.

Check out re:TH!NK's TV show episode on CATV 2 about our mental health initiatives!

Part 1: re:TH!NK's Healthy Lifestyles Committee's 2014 Successes

Part 2: At Oshkosh West High School with Connected Community Wellness Screen

Part 3: re:TH!NK's other mental health initiatives and Community for Hope on suicide prevention

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re:TH!NK is the community coalition of the Winnebago County Health Department. re:TH!NK would not
exist without support from our local partner agencies, organizations and community members.