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Farm to School

Farm to School programs support the health of Wisconsin children, farms and communities by connecting schools with local farms that supply fresh,
healthy and minimally processed foods.  reTH!NK is partnering with Winnebago County schools to implement Farm to School programs, beginning with the Oshkosh Area School District.  Programs include school gardens, Fun Food of the Month,  and procuring locally grown produce for the school meals program.

Goals of Wisconsin Farm to School

  • Promote children's health by providing fresh, healthy and minimally processed foods in schools and supporting the development of healthy eating habits.
  • Strengthen children's and communities' knowledge about, and attitudes toward agriculture, food, nutrition, and the environment.
  • Strengthen local economies by expanding markets for Wisconsin agricultural producers and food entrepreneurs.

Fun Food of the Month

FFoM Posterre:TH!NK and the Oshkosh Area School District have joined forces to bring a Fun Food of the Month to elementary students across the city. Including everything from jicama and kohlrabi to kiwi and papaya, volunteers will be serving up exciting produce samples every month throughout the school year. The promotion starts when students receive a bulletin with fun facts and a simple recipe to try at home. Then, on the third or fourth Thursday of each month, re:TH!NK volunteers bring samples to school cafeterias and encourage students to try something new. Fun Food of the Month helps to plant the seeds of change for Oshkosh elementary students!




Check out February's Fun Food of the Month: Kiwi





SmartPlate Menu Labeling Project

SmartPlate FBcover

Local restaurants in Northeast Wisconsin have partnered with a community-wide initiative to highlight menu items that get a "thumbs up" from local health professionals. SmartPlate makes it easy for you to choose healthy, great tasting food. The SmartPlate icon clearly identifies menu items that you can eat everyday.


The SmartPlate mission is to make it easier for people who want to eat healthy to have that option be identified and available in the restaurant setting. For more information about the program and our partnering restaurants, visit




New Look for Food Guidelines

On June 2, 2011, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released a revised format of the MyPyramid Food Guidelines. The new "MyPlate" icon exemplifies what the typical American serving plate should look like for the average meal. Based upon the 2010 Dietary Guidelines, it reminds us to "re:TH!NK" our food choices to ensure they are healthy and nutrient rich. We encourage you to check it out at visit the There's even a Twitter account set up so you can upload a picture of what your plate looks like!



Local Food Cooking Competition at South Park Middle School

Chef Drew of Primo's Restaurant and Chef Elliot of the Roxy in Oshkosh battled in a Master-Chef-inspired cooking competition. The chefs created two healthy and kid-friendly entrees using jicama, Oshkosh's Fun Food of the Month. Chef Drew created a fruit and jicama salsa served with homemade pasta chips and Chef Elliot served a Waldorf jicama salad with homemade granola bites. The 6th grade and 8th grade students had a chance to sample the dishes and vote for their favorite. The dish with the most votes was declared the winner of the round!


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For more information about re:TH!NK's Nutrition and Health Food Systems team, contact
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re:TH!NK is the community coalition of the Winnebago County Health Department. re:TH!NK would not
exist without support from our local partner agencies, organizations and community members.