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re:TH!NK wants everyone to know what they know. That's why we've collected a variety of fact sheets categorized by intiative or issue for you to download. If you want more or aren't finding what you are looking for, go to the links page for more information from our local, state and national partners.


Wisconsin's Smoke-Free Air Law Got questions about WI's law that went into effect on July 5, 2010? Get your questions answered with this summary.

Health Harms of Secondhand Smoke Scientific evidence indicates that there is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke.

Smokeless Tobacco Tobacco companies produce and market new smokeless tobacco products to attract new users and keep smokers addicted while denying that smokeless tobacco products cause any harm.

Flavored Tobacco Research shows flavored tobacco products, like grape, cherry, chocolate and sour apple, entice youth to initiate tobacco use.

Taxing Other Tobacco Products Cigarettes are taxed differently than other tobacco products.

E-Cigarettes Electronic cigarettes are devices, that vaporize a solution that often contains nicotine, creating a mist which is then inhaled. The FDA warns of potential health risks.

Hookahs Using waterpipes, or hookahs, has become increasingly popular in the US but still has the same health risks as cigarette smoking.

Tobacco Prevention and Control: It Matters, Its Proven, Its Evolving The WI Tobacco Prevention and Control Program and its partners are working to save lives and money and are up against an industry that will stop at nothing to addict new users.

Burden of Tobacco in Winnebago County Tobacco use costs Winnebago County residents in several ways including lost productivity, money spent and lives lost.

Tobacco Use in WI Adults Adult smoking rates in Wisconsin have decreased by 22% since 2000.

Tobacco Use in WI Youth High School smoking rates in Wisconsin have decreased by 36% since 2000.



Alcohol Control and Policy Makers in Winnebago County is a resource handed out at re:TH!NK's Legislative Breakfast to prompt those attending to spend time working on alcohol control policy.

Parent Pledge Card Parents can proudly display this on their fridge or counter tops to show their dedication to alcohol free events and parties.

"Cool Card" for Parents Parents can print this off and take it to their workplaces, organizations, or parent networking opportunities to share and start grass roots conversations. This concise, strongly worded flyer supplies the bottom line for the Parents Who Host campaign.

Impact on the Brain Research suggests that heavy and early alcohol use has a negative impact on the developing brain...which hurts our entire community!

The 3 A's Learn how making alcohol or drugs less attractive, available and affordable can reduce and prevent underage alcohol consumption and drug use.


Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drug Safety Information Addresses security/safety and disposal issues everyone in our community should be aware of.

Drug Bulletin A Parent's Guide to New Products

Parents the Anti-Drug Parents can quickly learn popularly abused drug names, indicators of youth abuse and how to help by viewing this brochure.

Pharmacy Warning Poster Pharmacists can post this sign and quickly stress the consequences of diverting drugs from pharmacies.

Dealer=Medicine Cabinet Teens don't have to go far now a days. Most youth obtain Rx Drugs from the family medicine cabinet. Use this poster to convey awareness.


Physical Activity/Recreation

WI Active Schools Initiative Higher physical fitness test achievement is related to higher state academic test scores and higher attendance and fewer behavioral problems.

WI Active Early Initiative Increasing physical activity in child care centers is one piece of the puzzle to reducing obesity rates in Wisconsin.



Poverty and Food Insecurity in Wisconsin and Winnebago County Poverty in Wisconsin rose substantially during the 2000s. Economic conditions in Wisconsin have worsened as the state deals with two significant recessions and rising unemployment. As a result, a growing share of households in the state are living in poverty and struggling to meet their basic food needs.

The Value of Obesity Prevention Tackling our obesity rates has the potential to save Wisconsin billions in health care costs and thousands of lives.

WI Farm to School Initiatve Supporting the health of Wisconsin children, farms & communities by connecting schools with local farms.


Healthy Lifestyles and General Prevention

Environmental Strategies from SAHMSA See a sampling of evidence based program from SAMHSA and learn how identifying risk or protective factors impacts the likelihood of substance abuse in youth.

Environmental Strategies from SPFSIG See a sampling of prevention strategies (excerpt of a grant application) that demonstrates what SPFSIG recommends as best practices sustain drug-free youth.

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