re:TH!NK, Winnebago's Healthy Living Partnership, is a community coalition supported by the Winnebago County Health Department. re:TH!NK coordinates efforts with help from our local partners to create a place where everyone has the opportunity to live the healthiest life possible. 

Over 500 people from over 60 organizations support re:TH!NK. We encourage you to get involved, because together we can transform our community into a place where healthy choices are easier. Scroll down or explore our website to learn more!




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thumb 50c9509290b1bd3165629dacf75f007dWhat do you think about tobacco-free parks in Oshkosh?

The re:TH!NK Youth Coalition is looking for your input about tobacco-free parks in Oshkosh! Parks are meant to be places where residents and families can go to relax, enjoy nature, and be active. The re:TH!NK Youth Coalition has picked up thousands of cigarette butts in Oshkosh parks over the past couple of years, and we think a tobacco-free parks ordinance will keep residents and the environment healthier. Let us know what you think by taking this short survey!

coalitin pics 008Upcoming CHEERS! Training

On October 19, we will be having our next CHEERS! training. The training will be in the front glass room at Beckets, 2 Jackson St, Oshkosh from 6:30pm-8pm.

CHEERS! is a free workshop facilitated by local police officers to increase the safe sale  and service of alcohol. It is for anyone serving alcohol in any capacity. You'll learn everything from how to spot fake IDs to your rights related to serving intoxicated individuals. FREE training presented by your local police officers! Great chance to meet your local police officers in a casual setting and ask them anything about compliance checks, local statutes, WI state law! This workshop will increase the safe alcohol service for: Tavern Owners, Bartenders, Wait Staff, Door Security, Store Clerks, Special Event Organizers, and Volunteers. Topics Covered in CHEERS! Classes: Protocol for reporting fake ID's, Spotting fake ID's, Your establishment's liabilities, responsibilities, and policies, Understanding alcohol compliance checks, Review of local statutes and WI's state laws, and Your rights regarding sales and service to intoxicated individuals. Call the Winnebago County Health Department at (920) 232-3000 or e-mail rethink @ co.winnebago.wi.us with the subject line: "Cheers! Beverage Training."



lemonLemonade Slushy Sale

We're rasing funds for re:TH!NK's great work in the community. You can help us out by buying a lemonade slushy for $1.50 at Winnebago County Community Park’s 50th Birthday Party on Saturday, August 19 from 2-6pm. We'll also have our bike blender out there to help you celebrate! More details about the event are at the Birthday Party Facebook page.

Asparagus at OmroTasting Time!

As the 2016-2017 school year came to an end, we were busy coordinating and promoting tastings in Neenah, Menasha, Oshkosh, and Omro. Radishes, turnips, tomatoes, asparagus, and more were sampled since March 2017. With the help of each school districts' Food Service Directors and food service staff, farmers, and volunteers, over 4000 kids were able to try local and tasty produce. Not a bad way to wrap up the school year! By trying new produce, we hope to increase health eating habits and the consumption of fruits and vegetables among kids in Winnebago County. We love to see the fresh local produce go out into the cafeteria and the kids eat it right up! You can help achieve healthy eating habits in the County by volunteering for next year.

KidsLiveWell Logo 500Healthier Kids Meals

 Finding healthy kid's meals in restaurants is now easier by using the Kids LiveWell program. re:TH!NK is partnering  with the National and Wisconsin Restaurant Associations to raise awareness of and increase restaurant offerings in the Kids LiveWell. Kids LiveWell meals are low in calories, sodium, fat, and sugar, and contain fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and l ow-fat dairy for a nutritionally balanced meal. Visit our Kids LiveWell page to find participating restaurants in Winnebago County.


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re:TH!NK is a community coalition supported by the Winnebago County Health Department.
would not exist without our local partner agencies, organizations and community members.